Episode 2 -Swedish Christmas Traditions

Nutbrown Hare Hat in Drops Cotton Merino
Drops slippers 150-4 in Drops Eskimo color 07

Spinning FO’s:
Punis from Knitters Nightmare
Frogged some handspun out of Nerd Girl Yarns Umbrella Drink on Polwarth Silk.

Stash Enhancements
3d printed bobbin from Akerworks


I’m hosting a random act of kindness giveaway on instagram. The prize is the limited colorway Voolengynx on single merino from the collaboration between Voolenvine yarns and Gynx yarns.

Swedish Christmas Traditions
I talked a bit about swedish christmas traditions and promised a clip of a traditional lucia celebration.

I found this quite funny clip that talks a bit about it in a humorous way.

This clip is from one of the broadcasted celebrations:

Episode 2 -Swedish Christmas Traditions

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