Episode 3 – Let There Be Light

In this episode I talked about:

My christmas and my family’s christmas traditions.

3 pairs of adult Lovikka mittens and 1 pair of baby mittens
Nutbrown Hare Hat in Drops Cottonmerino

Lovikka mittens for my nephew
Daydream Believer in Nerd Girl Yarns Saucy

Gourmetstash Fibery Tribbles in the Philosopher’s stone colorway

Stash Enhancements
Tribbles and yarn from Gourmetstash
Yarn from Gynx Yarns and from Wollmeise

(added jan 4th)

I forgot to add the link to my fathers blog and his photography, so here it is. He is not a pro, he is a self taught and happy amateur. But I really like the light in his pictures and how he “composes” them. I hope you do to. 🙂
BeBest blog

Episode 3 – Let There Be Light

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