Episode 6 – Lazy Crazy Sunday

Quaker Yarn Stretcher Susan Ashcroft in Gourmetstash luxury tribbles Eau De Parfum
Charlees baby girl jacket by Lotta Arnlund in Manos del uruguay Silk Blend Cherry Blossom

Charlees baby girl jacket

The peacocks tale by Nim Teasdale in Loop Handspun (Mermaid and Mermaid coordinate)

Daydream believer by Mary Annarella in Nerd Girl Yarns Saucy – Don’t blink

River Mitts by Kater Tater Knits in Colinette Jitterbug (I’m not sure of the colorway but it’s possibly Purple Tan 30)

Loop batt’s -Purple Rain and coordinate

Stash enhancements
Tri’Coterie  merino lace – Winter is comming
Manos del uruguay sillk blend – 2327 and 8486

Episode 6 – Lazy Crazy Sunday

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