Episode 8 – The emperors new sound

Much like the story of The Emperors New Clothes this episode claims to be new and improved. I say the sound is better but it is just the “regular” sound since I forgot to turn on me new fancy mic. Hopefully it will be working next episode. If I remember to turn on the mic. 😉

Daydream believer in Nerd Girl Yarns saucy

Chevron top in Tri’Coterie Lace Merino SW in the colorway Winter is coming and Gepard Garn cashmere lace in the colorway 417

Hitofude KAL with Chubby Pug Yarn Podcast from June 1st to August 31st.
We will have a chatter thread in Chubby Pug Yarns group on Ravelry and the finished objects thread will be in my group on Ravelry.
I didn’t talk about it in the episode but we are also contemplating to have some virtual knit nights for the participants if there is enough interest.

I promised to share a video of the art of Hitofude Ryuu so here it is:

Episode 8 – The emperors new sound

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